Best Budget Gaming Phone 2020 – Under Budget

Best Budget Gaming Phone 2020 – Under Budget

Best Budget Gaming Phone 2020

About Best Budget Gaming Phone 2020

It certainly isn’t for console-centric gamers looking for authenticity nor is it for pc aficionados looking to crank the highest possible frame rates and resolutions out of their games. But mobile gaming is more popular than it has ever been. As the casual gamers of today, continue to embrace. It it will only continue its steady climb and popularity for the coming years. With a popular way to play games. Generally comes options and shades of different ways to do it. Much like the pc space. Mobile gaming has an absolute plethora of options. Most would agree that, the best way to decide on a gaming phone is to see how much power accessibility and functionality can be crammed into a phone for the most reasonable price tag. It’s a balance that won’t be quite the same for everybody as everybody generally has different priorities here and there. But from the wimpy to the beastly and everything in between there are surely at least a few options out there that check enough boxes on any given gamers checklist including price limitations to warrants series serious consideration in 2020.

So with the latter being the primary focus for many of us. Here’s our 2020 top 5 list of the best budget phones to game on.

Best Budget Gaming Phone 2020 – Moto G8 POWER

In this Blog, I mentioned all the Best Budget Gaming Phone 2020 . Hope, It will be helpful for you to choosing the Best Budget Gaming Phone 2020

Remember Motorola? well Motorola remembers you and the moto g8 power is the company’s latest attempt to hold on to the market share it currently has. While also bringing a reasonable amount of gamer friendly specs into their hands for cheap as one of the long-standing major mobile phone companies Motorola brings out a reasonable phone here.


  • Nice 1080p 6.4 inch screen a lightweight 
  • One of the better batteries around five thousand milliamp hour while the somewhat aging 
  • Snapdragon 665 and 
  • 4 gigabytes of ram 

Probably won’t knock your socks off. It is still more than able to handle most mobile gamers needs throughout the day, without dying on you before you plug it back in at night. It’s no powerhouse and it isn’t particularly impressive in any one way outside of the battery. 

But for around 200 bucks this isn’t a bad deal at all. 

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Best Budget Gaming Phone 2020 – iPhone SE 2020

In this Blog, I mentioned all the Best Budget Gaming Phone 2020 . Hope, It will be helpful for you to choosing the Best Budget Gaming Phone 2020

Any normal list of great phones, no matter what your focus is on- we will likely include an iPhone. Apple hasn’t maintained its relevance and influence in the smartphone market. A market had basically created for no reason. One blind spot apple has been working to improve upon in recent years. However is the lower end market, where people don’t necessarily want to drop the price of a reasonably used car on a phone a lot of folks are just looking for something affordable that specializes in one or two things and the 2020 iPhone SE is just that. 


  • 64/128 and 256 gigabyte storage options 
  • Reasonable battery and 
  • 12 megapixel rear camera 
  • What shines best about the phone though is, its processor which is basically the exact same one from the iPhone 11. Which is all you need to run the vast majority of mobile games out there without any issues.
  • 3 gigabytes of ram being the phone’s biggest bottleneck at least on paper but for the most part gaming will do fine here as with all budget phones 

However there will be some sacrifices and not even apple can escape this reality. 

  • Front-facing camera is 7 megapixels
  • The bezel is fairly noticeable and 
  • The overall size of the phone is quite a bit smaller than most modern mobile gamers would probably prefer with only a 4.7 inch 720p screen. 

That said the smaller size and lower resolution does give the iPhone SE a lighter weight than most gaming phones will have and lets the iOS platform run as smoothly as any other iPhone does. 

All things considered, this is a very decent gaming phone for around 400 bucks- obviously if you’re already invested in the iOS ecosystem ,this phone might feel like a reflex choice for you. And thankfully, it won’t be a disappointing one, if gaming and price points are your top concerns.

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Best Budget Gaming Phone 2020 – POCO F2 PRO

In this Blog, I mentioned all the Best Budget Gaming Phone 2020 . Hope, It will be helpful for you to choosing the Best Budget Gaming Phone 2020

If you are willing to spend another 100 bucks or so, you end up with a lot more options than the iPhone SE, the POCO F2 PRO is one of those options and you will immediately feel the small upgrade in several areas like the overall material, the size and a much more gamer friendly six and a half inch screen.

The POCO F2 PRO has some standout features like 

an adorable pop-up camera 8k video and 

a fairly 4700 mAh beefy battery the latter of which will definitely be noticeable upon running the phone through several gaming sessions. While the refresh rate and resolution of the screen are fairly standard for gaming in 2020. You’re likely to notice a nice bump in performance from the previous year’s budget phones with its 

snapdragon 865 and 

six gigabytes of ram which could also be eight depending on the model you get 

speaking of getting it if you’re interested in this and live in the us get ready to buy from overseas because this phone is not currently sold in the west. That said while there are more fully featured gaming phones out there in this price range, The bump in ram and the snapdragon processor will handle almost anything you want to play on it and if you’re somewhat thrifty you can probably get it for under 500 bucks.

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Best Budget Gaming Phone 2020 – GOOGLE PIXEL 4A 

In this Blog, I mentioned all the Best Budget Gaming Phone 2020 . Hope, It will be helpful for you to choosing the Best Budget Gaming Phone 2020

 Weighing in at 143 grams and standing at 144 millimeters. The Google Pixel 4A comes out as a very handsome package for those, who value value sort of like the iPhone SE. The Google Pixel 4A  is perhaps a tad smaller and less striking aesthetically than something that would normally draw the attention of a mobile gamer, but unlike the iPhone SE-  the Google Pixel 4A over delivers under the hood with a snappy 

  • Qualcomm snapdragon 730g 
  • Twice the amount of ram of its iPhone contemporary for about the same price.
  • 5.8 inch screen 
  • Standard 60 hertz refresh rate won’t blow your mind but virtually every other aspect of this phone that gamers need to concern themselves with is top notch for the price. 
  • 128 gigs of storage standard this phone will not only play all your games well but it will also store them all well. 

Given the ultra optimized version of Google’s android that you’ll experience on a phone made by the same company. This phone will have none of the bloat and other inefficiencies. You’re more likely to run into with Samsung or LG. Don’t let the understated look and low price. Fool you, If you’re looking for a budget gaming phone and don’t want to spend over 400 bucks.

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Best Budget Gaming Phone 2020- Google Pixel 4A Nubia RED MAGIC 5G

In this Blog, I mentioned all the Best Budget Gaming Phone 2020 . Hope, It will be helpful for you to choosing the Best Budget Gaming Phone 2020

There is basically no reason to not at least consider the Google Pixel 4A Nubia REDMAGIC 5G at around 600. Big ones, this phone barely qualifies as a budget device but due to its sheer amount of gamer-centric features and overall value it’s impossible to not bend the rules just a bit to include it. 

This is not a phone really aimed at the casual gamer but rather more of a mobile gaming enthusiast as such its specs should jump off the page to anyone looking for a great gaming phone. That won’t completely break the bank with the much more 

  • Modern snapdragon 865 
  • 8 to 12 gigabytes of ram 
  • A similar battery to the moto g8 power 
  • A slightly larger than 6.5 inch screen 

This is where you really start to get your money’s worth if you’re willing to spend it on a mid-range gaming phone. But the Nubia doesn’t stop at a good spec list, This phone has some real hardcore gamer features that you usually don’t see for under a grand. 

  • A dedicated cooling fan system !
  • Nice shoulder buttons as well as a blazing !
  • 144hz refresh rate are more than enough !

reason to bump up your budget a little bit if you can and it will certainly bring the most out of mobile games on the market. Today are these features necessary well for most mobile gamers. No, but if you want a true gaming centric phone, it’s hard to pass them up. That said the ventilation openings in the phone’s case do somewhat nullify all of the advancements and water resistance. That phones have made recently, so that is something to keep in mind while there are some sacrifices in other non-gaming related areas like the fairly unremarkable camera set this phone knows its audience and that is the hardcore mobile gamers as such it makes the top of our 2020 list for budget gaming phones.

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