PlayStation vs Xbox – Which One Is Best ?

PlayStation vs Xbox – Which One Is Best ?

PlayStation vs Xbox – Which One Is Best ?

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So you’re trying to figure out which console you want for your household. Is that the Xbox or the PlayStation? This ecosystem war has been going on for very long time and we’re here to give you a breakdown on which console would be best suited for your next purchase. 

So the main reason we’re making this article is to compare the PlayStation 5, which is coming out late next year with the newer Xbox console- also coming out late next year. To give you a quick breakdown on how far we’ve come in these console wars, so this is gonna help us decide which console is the way to go and also why one may be better than the other. 

So let’s begin by talking about the history fanboys of the Xbox, hate the PlayStation users and PlayStation fans hate the Xbox users.

Let’s ignore all that right! Let’s talk about pure numbers and statistics the number of active users on PlayStation. To date for the PlayStation 4 is about 94 million users while the Xbox is about 65 million users toward each development stage of the PlayStation from the 1,2,3,4,Pro and the Xbox, The Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox 1. It connects all of these consoles there’s always been a clear winner in both categories. 

When it came to the original PlayStation it had a massive amount of sales. 

Moving on to the PlayStation 2, the sales were massive for PlayStation one of the best-selling consoles of all time. If not the best so far when it came to the original Xbox it had a slightly lower number of sales even though the specs it offered were a little bit better just because the price was higher. People went towards the lower price system. 

Xbox came out of the 360 had a lot of issues there, when it compared to the PlayStation 3.

So these numbers kind of showed us which way the market leaned. It was always a head-to-head thing but PlayStations somehow always seem to come out on top. This may be because of things like price but the main reason in my opinion and a lot of people’s opinion is the games themselves because that’s what you’re there for, that’s what you buy a console for, to play the games. PlayStation always offer twice the number of games that the export step. 

When it comes to exclusive games, the PlayStation just takes the win every single time. Exclusive games coming out on PlayStation are probably the main reason people purchase PlayStations in the first place.

The PlayStation is known for its exclusive games like- The Last of Us, God of War, Spiderman, Blood-borne, New horizon zero dawn. Obviously the biggest selling series on PlayStation ever I think- Shadow of Colossus, Until dawn and Persona 5. The other games you cannot get on any other gaming platform. 

When it comes to Xbox, you’ve got games like- Halo- which was a massive selling point for the Xbox itself, got a huge fan base because of that halo community. Besides that it’s got games like, Gears of War, Sea of thieves, Forza, Motorsport 7, Halo 5, Guardians, sunset, overdrive, Ori and the Blind forest, Quantum Break, and Action. 

I don’t even know most of these games. 

See? That’s the problem. So yeah that kind of tells you which one has a better exclusive experience, Sorry to say it, but this one goes to PlayStation, very clearly- exclusive games, number of games, all go to the PlayStation.

So one of the biggest performing games even back in the day was Grand Theft Auto, San Andreas and that was exclusive to the PlayStation as well. That’s what skyrocketed the sales for the PS2 and just made the PlayStation community a lot stronger, because that was the only place you could play that game.

So moving on from that. So when it comes to additional features in these consoles, the Xbox came out with something very cool and ahead of its time called the Kinect. A lot of people hated this because not  a lot of users enjoyed it or played with it. The Kinect didn’t have many games support. Either the main feature on the Xbox that I find really cool is, its backwards compatibility. That’s one feature that’s very important especially if you’re a fan of our game and you’ve been growing up with the game and you can go back and play that game. Whenever you want the PlayStation on the other hand has something called PlayStation Now, this is a streaming cloud-based platform that allows you on the PlayStation itself to access games all the way from a PlayStation or original PlayStation 1, PlayStation – and even PlayStation 3 games. 

However cost $20 a month for you to play games that are older. Since you’re streaming it off of server there’s a lot of input lag and delay and it doesn’t just really feel that smooth and honestly, I wouldn’t want to spend an extra amount of money to play alternates. 

However the PlayStation has a secret weapon which is its VR capability. The VR capability on the PlayStation is something that’s really cool because traditionally for you to play VR games, you need to hook up to a really powerful PC to be able to get that smooth and very interactive gameplay. But the PlayStation allows you to do that with your console itself by just plugging it in and also the PlayStation VR is considered to be on the cheaper side of the VR gaming spectrum. 

So that’s something to note as well. I really find that very exciting and future proofing as opposed to backwards compatibility so in terms of additional features I would again have to give it to the PlayStation. It seems like I’m very biased here, I’m really not I swear.  

When it comes to the controllers themselves, because that’s something to look at the Xbox controller, always took me at least seemed more comfortable and easier to grip. This is a very subjective because a lot of people have different preferences but I always found that the Xbox controller sits in your hand a lot easier than the ps4 controller. Also for a long intensive gaming, it’s less straining on your hand to use the Xbox controller than it is the ps4 controller. The ps4 controller itself had a battery life of about 8 hours. If you’re lucky of intense gaming even though it had all these cool features like the touch sensitive bar, the motion stuff, the speaker. All that consumes battery life and what you really care about. 

At the end of the day there’s a long immersive experience of gaming and if you have to keep recharging your battery it’s kind of a payment.  

The Xbox, on the other hand can be modular and with the Xbox one’s elite controller, you get to have that modular look at the controller, where you can switch it four tabs at the back pedals and everything and it just feels a lot nicer in your hand and extendable battery life to up to 30 hours of Kim play which is crazy because you can just switch out the battery while you charge the other battery. That’s really awesome.

The PlayStation 4 has sold over a hundred million units as of a few months ago meanwhile the Xbox one is just at 43 to 45 million units sold. So that must say something about which preference is the market meaning to words.

All right so let’s just get into what we’re all here for.

PlayStation vs Xbox – Which One Is Best ?

The PlayStation 5 and the Xbox series X. These are the new consoles for 2020 that are going to be the next consoles for the next seven eight years. So let’s talk about which one you should get and what purchase you should make. 

  • The processor on the PlayStation 5 is an AMD Zen 2 CPU which is exactly the same as that of the Xbox series X. 
  • In terms of graphics you have an AMD Navy based GPU on the PlayStation 5 while the Xbox is gonna have any AMD Navy based GPU with an estimated 12 teraflops, which is twice the number of teraflops on the Xbox one. 
  • So they both have SSD (solid state drives) when it comes to storage it’s gonna be a lot faster than having HDB’s which is what we had previous generation for the optical drive.
  • The PlayStation finally is gonna have 4k Blu-ray support for movies but then have that for a while the Xbox did. Both the Xbox and the PlayStation are gonna be able to support 8k of video output. This is amazing. We’re gonna go up from 1080p although not for 4k but to 8k for this future generation of console gaming. 
  • A refresh rate on both the Xbox and the PlayStation is gonna be bumped up from 60 Hertz to 120 Hertz. So your frame rate is gonna go up to 120 fps.
  • In case of VR support, we’re not very sure if the Xbox is gonna bring in VR support but the PlayStation is gonna carry on VR capabilities. 
  • When it comes to cloud gaming, PlayStation is continuing its trashy PlayStation now thing we talked about earlier. I mean while the Xbox is bringing in something called Microsoft Project X Club. So this is gonna be their cloud-based gaming system.
  • When it comes to backwards but ability the PlayStation 5 is finally giving you proper backwards compatibility to ps4 games which is great. I bought a lot of games on ps4 can play that with PS 5. 

Which one is best suited for you to buy?

If you’re looking to get backwards compatibility to be able to play the games that you know and love like- Halo, Halo Infinite etc. the Xbox is obviously gonna be the best choice for you it maintains amazing amount of graphics. It’s a lot of numbers a lot of grid processors packed into one box. They’ll give you good sustainable performance for a very long time and let you maintain those titles that you grew up playing and let you play them whenever you want. 

However if you’re looking for those hard-hitting exclusive titles of really awesome games that are just gonna be available on the PlayStation ecosystem itself the PlayStation 5 is the way to go at the end of the day. 

It’s a very subjective opinion and whether or not you have brand loyalty or not, does play a factor in this. If you’ve been playing a PlayStation for the past 10 years switching to an Xbox can be very difficult unless they have something very compelling like, that processor is better or they’re offering 8k with 120 FPS. 

After all this things, it all upon you. It will be best which you like most. I’m using Xbox and PlayStation- both, for a long time and I’m satisfied with these. 

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