Top 5 Best Gaming Headphones 2021

Top 5 Best Gaming Headphones 2021

Best Gaming Headphones 2021

Gonna be checking out the Top Five Gaming Headsets 2021. 

But for all five these I’ll talk about some of the features- how they sound, a mic test, all stuff that you’re gonna want to know about a gaming headset.

Coming at number five is the 

Best Gaming Headphones 2021- Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless 

This is not the SE version so it seemed more cheaper option of the two. Before a wireless headset, I think courser did some really great stuff here. Checking it out this is the all-white version, which I think looks really clean. You can get it in black as well and instead of a plastic construction, they integrate aluminum here. So it’s very solid and very well made. 

Now that does mean, obviously they’re gonna be a little bit heavier than your traditional plastic headset overall. But no real concerns to me this. Feel pretty fine on my head, pretty comfortable overall. Clamping pressure is pretty good as well. You can see for the ear cups, they are rounded for the 50 millimeter Neil Diamond drivers inside. I’m more used to you know the oval ear cups, that’s just personal preference. 

Another thing I really like is the ear cups rotate 360 degrees to lay flatter on your neck or on your desk. Connect to your PC via a USB dongle with their slipstream technology though there’s also a switch to connect these via Bluetooth, if your PC has that built-in. A nice scrolling wheel for the volume on the headset and a mic mute button as well. 

Now in terms of sound quality these probably had the more closed off soundstage out of the ones on the comparing today. Overall has really nice bass, pretty good clarity and the highs as well. And there is no distortion at all or muddiness. 

I do wish I can push them about 10 percent louder. Though now, there’s have a 20 hour battery claim which is pretty damn good for a wireless headset. That’s also important to their slipstream technology being pretty low powered but you can definitely squeeze more out of that, if you turn off the RGB lighting on the side of the ear cups- which I would obviously recommend.

This headset it’s pretty good value for 180 dollars, which is definitely on the pricier side before a wireless headset with these features ,that’s actually on the lower end of things believe it or not. 

Coming up next to number 4 is the-

Best Gaming Headphones 2021 – Razer Kraken X

Razer Kraken X headset just came out during the summer and it’s an incredible value at just $50!  So a great budget option out there but these sound a lot better than your traditional $50 headset. The look of  this, is impressive. Gaming with these gives you a pretty decent soundstage, which is also gonna be good for directional audio. It doesn’t have the tightest bass punch out there. 

All that is the fact that inside the box they give you a code to enable their razer virtual surround sound and unlike 95% of emulated surround sound software out there. This actually works very very well then it even increases the soundstage a bit. Since its emulated, it also boosts the volume probably like 15 percent overall. But it actually makes them sound better which you never see from emulated surround sound. 

These feature 40 millimeter drivers the headset is primarily plastic, so it’s gonna be very lightweight but again $50 can’t really complain at the construction. On the bobble 2 left ear cup, you have your volume dial and a mic mute button and the mic here is not retractable.  

Kraken X mic you do have a nice flexible boom arm here for this and one of the things about this is during my actual dedicated review, it was a decent mic nothing crazy. 

I highly recommend this if you want to save some money overall.  

Coming in at number three is the

Best Gaming Headphones 2021- Fnatic REACT 

This is a newer headset that came out within the last month and it’s probably gonna be gaining some traction over the year . This is  awesome in terms of design. Nothing’s too impressive here. It follows that similar design language like, we see when other headsets like hyper racks and stuff but it’s not about how they look right? It’s about how they sound. 

In terms of the comfort, we have very good padding on the ear cuffs and the headband up top like you know the high Forex headsets it extends to fit wider heads. Now there’s no actual controls on the ear cups, so we do have inline controls on the cable. If it mic mute switch and a volume wheel. 

But now into the sound quality, I have to say overall fantastic. Soundstage and stereo separation, which gives a really distinct separation in the left and right driver for accurate positioning and pinpointing audio in-game. It is extremely impressive here. 

Now they say that’s actually due to their individual sound chambers inside the drivers, which sounds like typical marketing jargon but it’s legit.If you’re a bass head but the bass is gonna be more than most headsets out there he’s definitely favored some clarity in the higher end frequencies there’s also very clear meds of the sparkle in the treble all out sounding pretty warm at the same time I’m telling you guys the stereo imaging in here is insane so for the mic yet again a nice flexible boom arm it is also detachable and from what I’ve heard of this so far I’ll just type now while I’m doing this it is a pretty clear sounding microphone I did have to boost the game levels a bit in my sound settings because it’s just plugged into my front I Oh on the PC but that just could be my IO who knows but what I liked about this mic is that there’s a good amount of bass to my voice which is something you don’t really see a lot in game microphone so I was impressed with that but I’d say overall you know middle of the pack it’s not Mazal E or tinny so pretty good I am just extremely impressed of the fnatic react here like I said before they’re a newer headset so you might not hear about them now but trust me these are gonna gain some serious traction in the headset market and they’re only $70 which is another fantastic value winding down at number two we have the cloud orbit s from HyperX and these are probably the most unique gaming headset I’ve tried hands down and that’s saying something now the reason I say that is because these have this 3d audio sound space and head tracking built in which is gonna give you a really unique experience unlike a regular headset inside we also have a hundred millimeter planar magnetic drivers and they’re actually from Odyssey and it’s the same drivers and the Odyssey Mobius headset so it’s pretty cool to see this collaboration with HyperX and if you’re asking what planar magnetic drivers are and how they’re different they’re built and designed completely different than the dynamic driver these offer extreme resistant to any kind of distortion so you don’t usually see planar drivers and headsets which is why and here it makes a special exception with a 3d audio coming up now for a headset with this much technology built in it is on the slightly heavier side but really it does a good job of weight distribution around like when it’s on my head it doesn’t feel that heavy which is definitely a good plus even though there’s really not a lot of padding on the headband so good good stuff to doing that the ear cups also revolve to lay flat on your desk your nest that’s a thing neck or your desk and all the controls are on the bottom of the left ear cup your mic volume your headset volume muting the mic turning the headset on and your 3d imaging reset which is the meat and potatoes of this headset so let’s talk about that for a minute you have to download their waves NX software and this gives you that full 3d head tracking soundstage which opens a whole new gate okay with a regular headset regardless of the direction of your actual head you’re gonna have audio in the left and right ear cups okay but that obviously changes if you look in game what this does is it changes the audio depending on the way your head in real life is actually positioned so for example if my monitor is in front of me and I’m playing battlefield if I in real life look to my left I’m gonna hear more of what’s going on in my right ear cup by subversive I look over there I hear it in here it delivers a really unique soundstage that in game could be very interesting especially in VR that’s kind of why it’s like the main use of these four but in non VR and regular games it works very well it’s really really cool but it’s not limited to just that you can also bind your head movement to an actual keystroke so it means you know you if you tilt your head past a certain analog point as it’s tracking your head it’s gonna trigger a key press you just like in pub G for example you tilt your head to the left then your character is gonna lean left like you’re pressing Q in return that also means you’re freeing up your hand movements so you’re not pressing an extra key you’re doing that natural movement with your head that’s kind of a game-changer so there software is pretty much essential to get these running properly and for a better experience you can actually like fine-tune this to the exact dimensions of your head so it’s more accurate as well as you overall space in your room it could all be configured and in the end like I said just gives you one of the most unique experiences I’ve had on a gaming headset it’s honestly not a gimmick it is crazy cool so yet again for the mic a flexible boom arm so detachable but what I like about this it’s actually a very clear sounding microphone with practically zero distortion or background noise going on so really great to hear that as I’m typing and clicking now on the mouse you can judge how that sounds in the background but yeah this sounds a lot better than I thought it would I would say that that I wish there was a little bit more bass to my voice you know but all things considered really can’t complain and what’s funny is I figured with all the technology going on here the mic would be you know overlooked but it wasn’t the mic sounds really really good for the overall quality of what’s going on inside this headset another thing I didn’t mention is since this is primarily used on your PC via USB they also include a USB CD USB C and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack because these have a 10-hour battery built-in so when you’re using this on your PC you use it with a regular USB port you not to worry about the battery life but if you want to use these on your Xbox for example you use a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and you still have that 3d sound space and head-tracking for 10 hours which is pretty cool now think of everything you get here with this package the the sound quality the good mic the head tracking all that the 100 millimeter planar drivers these are gonna be hella expensive ok they are three hundred and thirty dollars so yeah but if you spend that you are gonna be getting like I said three times now the most unique gaming headset I have ever ever tried and I don’t think you’re gonna have buyer’s remorse at all now I struggle with putting these at number two or number one it wasn’t too sure but ultimately the price tag knock these down to number two so coming in at number one for what I think is the best gaming headset of 2019 the Logitech G Pro X these are incredible for what they are honestly you’re seeing a lot more eSports team use these regularly shroud uses these as his main gaming headset and rightfully so I feel like Logitech just nailed everything here so these are extremely comfortable something about the mix of the and the soft like rubberized matte plastic we have for the overall construction it all makes for a pretty lightweight headset overall and when it’s on your head you could barely even notice cramping pressure is phenomenal we actually they give you two different sets of gear cups so you can kind of switch it out depending on how it feels to you but extremely comfortable while you’re wearing them there are no physical buttons on the headset again just inline controls for muting your mic as well as you know volume control so the ear cups just have that kind of like brushed nickel look with the Logitech G logo with 50 millimeter drivers on the inside now in terms of sound quality this is really what separates them from the first three on this list the base is very strong it’s a warm punch for sure that does not get distorted if an explosion goes off mid-game you’re gonna feel that soundstage also very good it’s a lot more open than most which maternes means directional audio is gonna be spot-on you get tons of clarity in the mids which is also gonna help with you know pinpointing things like footsteps and this is another one that actually takes advantage of their G Hub software which you can go in and fine-tune these with different EQ and stuff you can also download different like EQ from some of the pros out there that use this so you can actually push these more than what you get out of the box and they do actually sound better which again with software or something you don’t usually see but here they nailed it the sound quality is really the reason why these are number one okay so with the G Pro X mic test this is it right now which is actually a bit different than the other mic test because this is utilizing the blue voice in the software this is giving it a broadcaster boost there are tons of different eq’s to pick from this is the one that I think sounds you know better but you can go in and completely customize literally everything tons of eq’s and different levels you can mess with to make it sound better then if I disabled all that this is the stock microphone without any software again just doing some typing and stuff in the background but this is one that I would recommend going in and utilizing the blue voice software and stuff to really you know customize the mic and make it how you want to sound so when it comes down to to me this is the top gaming headset of 2019 it’s probably the most popular from throughout the year I’ve seen it the most and to me it’s the most comfortable it sounds incredible and you don’t usually take advantage of software to boost these but with the blue voice and stuff you could change the EQs even change up the mic and stuff as you’ve heard really really impressed and these are my main headset everyone asking when I use a headset on console on PC this is them when I’m not using headphones that is and now for the honorable mentions we have three of them and I’m just gonna do the sound test for the quick synopsis of them now first the Coolermaster mg7 51 and I really wanted to include this in the top 5 but ultimately decided the honorable mentions would fit best but when it comes down to just being an incredible value at $75 this takes the cake and as you could hear the mic is phenomenal as well and the headset is very comfortable it’s built very similar to the ath m50x headphones that are very popular they sound good and the ratings speak for themselves then this is sennheiser GSP 370 a wireless headset from a company like Sennheiser’s obviously gonna mean it sounds godly and it does but the reason it deserves mentioning is the 100 hour battery life that is insane for a wireless headset a hundred hours but what else insane is his mic quality it’s saying in a bad way it’s straight-up booty this is $200 many last honorable mention is the 2019 astro a40 TR wired headset with their mix amp pro bundle I think as a whole it is just a great gaming headset I love the mix amp Pro really cool for streaming and stuff and as you hear the mic is also really really good Astra’s a very popular headset company this is $250 but I think that’s gonna be worth it if you can find that one on sale so alright guys I’ll wrap it up for my video on the top 5 gaming headsets of 2019 hope you enjoyed don’t forget have melissad for you in the description down below and keep an eye on I’m with Black Friday Cyber Monday coming up odds are you can find them on sale let’s hope but maybe we could save you guys some money that’ll wrap it up if you liked this video definitely give it a big thumbs up to show your support I thought this was helpful if it helped you out let me know feel free to follow me on Twitter at random Frank P and last if you haven’t already hit that subscribe button I hope you enjoyed have a good day 

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